Are you new to subliminal recordings?  Have you purchased a subliminal MP3 in the past, only to be disappointed with the results?

If you’ve listened to a subliminal MP3, chances are you heard some type of recording, (crickets, waves, running water, thunderstorm, etc), but heard no voices that were supposedly helping you make the change you were interested in?  You have to trust that there is an “actual” subliminal message in the recording because you have absolutely no way to prove it!

For me personally, I don’t like this.  I’ve read of studies being done that show there is no noticeable improvements or changes in a person when the listen to one of these recordings compared to a placebo.

So I’ve taken a little different approach.  My recordings include voices, but at a low volume.  Most people can still hear the voices and the affirmations or “scripts” which are being spoken, but it’s in the background.  I wanted to have a recording that was pleasant to listen to, but not something where people feel like they have to pay attention to every word that is spoken.

I can understand someone being skeptical.  For that reason, I wanted to offer some FREE subliminal MP3’s for people to try.  Yes…you heard correctly…they’re FREE!  No strings attached.  Simply download to your computer, listen from there or copy to your favorite MP3 player and see what you think.

I also have some recordings that I charge a small fee for and you’ll also see some links to self hypnosis recordings that you might find useful.

Looking for something custom?  Contact me and let me know what you are looking for and I can probably make that happen for you.

By the way…if you don’t see much here just yet, that’s because I’m just getting started.  It shouldn’t take long to get quite a few recordings ready for you though.

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